THE SHED. GERROA. is about the realisation of a dream… a beach and farm escape located on the lush green hills of Gerroa that roll down to the ocean on the stunning South Coast of NSW.  We fell in love with a little patch of land and built our ‘Great Escape’.

Set on one acre, THE SHED overlooks 100 acres of farmland, Gerringong Golf Course and secluded Walker’s Beach.  Facing due North, it is the perfect getaway for any time of year… with a new plunge pool and Summer ocean breezes or  the cosiness of a fireplace and Winter sun in the cooler months.

Designed by architect Alexander Michael, THE SHED celebrates an industrial aesthetic with exposed steel beams, magnificent 5.5 metre high ceilings, extensive use of glass, polish concrete floors and many unique details though out.

We invite you to experience your own escape at THE SHED click here for more information THE SHED. GERROA.

12 thoughts on “About

  1. Julia says:

    Hi Guys, I absolutely love your property and have been following it from afar in the US (I am originally from Kiama), I would love to ask a few questions about your process, budget and architect and am wondering if you would be happy to converse via email? We are planning a move back to Aus and your property is my inspiration!
    Thanks in advance!

    • the shed. gerroa. says:

      Sure our architect was Alexander Michael and budget around 400K… ALEX is based in paddington and has now done a few sheds since ours. He also has a property in Kangaroo Valley google Kangaroo Valley House or siloboy.com

  2. Terry Gaskins says:

    I just came across The Shed. It is wonderful. Can you tell me what the wood wall panels and ceiling are made from — stained plywood maybe but what type of wood?
    Thank you so much!

  3. Elisabeth Denk says:

    Hello Suzy, I just came across pictures of your beautiful build on Pinterest and wondered what the overall dimensions of it are (width, length) as we are hoping to build an open plan extension to our cottage. Many thanks, Elisabeth

  4. Jamie Smith says:

    Hi there, absolutely love what use have done here, would love to create the same type of walls in our shed at home and was wondering if you could give me some insight as to how you constructed them? Thanks Jamie

  5. murray forbes says:

    Hi, As per Julia’s comments above, we are inspired by your ‘Shed’. We are in central Victoria and are currently planning to build our own corrugated iron clad dwelling, with plywood lining on the ceiling. Do you mind telling us about the roofing process; i.e. is there insulation between the plywood and the tin roof, what kind etc, and where did you source the metal strapping that hold the ply in place?

    • the shed. gerroa. says:

      Hi Murray, the plywood slots in behind the gal steel purlins. Yes The Shed is fully insulated, walls and roof, not sure exactly what type our builder used.
      Best wishes with your build!

  6. Chris says:

    Hi Suzy,

    I love your pool and have seen that there are several suppliers in Qld doing this style of pool. Can you let me know who did yours?


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