It’s OURS!

We began our search a year earlier to find the perfect getaway – green, blue and beautiful!  Our inspiration was the stunning green hills that roll into the ocean on the Kiama bends on the NSW South Coast.  Every trip down South we would gawk at the dramatic beauty of this area and could only dream.

On a little weekend break away to Gerroa we came across 1 acre just over the hill from where we were staying that had been passed in at auction a few months previous.  We walked up onto the land … it was ’The Land’ we had dreamed about … Could this be real? Could this actually be for sale? Could this really be in our price range?
After a crazy roller coaster ride of a sale with too many twists, turns and emotional dramas to divulge here (we actually missed out on it at first!), 9 months later in April 2013 it was FINALLY OURS!  Yes that SOLD sticker and that 1 beautiful acre in Gerroa belonged to us…… Okay, so now what???!!!


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